Accounting and Financial

Accounting and Financial

Checking and savings accounts for each Association are maintained at the financial institutions chosen by the Board and are labeled under the Associations individual tax identification number.

A. Payables
1. Scrutinize all invoices
2. Issue all payment checks
3. Detailed disbursement records

B. Receivables
1. Statements mailed or emailed to all owners
2. Posting receipts
3. Maintain delinquency records

C. Cash Management
1. Checking account maintenance/reconciliation
2. Track cash flow
3. Investment management

D. Reporting
1. Monthly

a) Income statement
b) Disbursement records
c) Variance analysis, income versus budget
2. Annual
a) Income statement
b) Balance sheet
c) Source and use of cash
d) Annual budget

E. Taxes
1. Assist accountant in tax reporting

F. Annual review
1. Assist in year-end accounting review

G. Wage and salary administration if applicable
1. Review time sheets
2. Maintain payroll service records

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